BETABUTE for Facility Management & Service Solution

Easy to start, User Friendly, Low Investment,
Starting at 6,000 bahts per month.

BETABUTE is a Facility Management & Service Solution designed to assist all facility and service businesses. The solution covers all facility-service tasks such as on-site installation services, maintenance services, etc.

1.Be able to plan service process management
2.Be able to set service time in each sub-process
3.Be able to assign human labor for sub-processes
4.Be able to prepare the cost-plan sheet
5.Assign and track tasks started, in progress, and completed tasks via images, video, and chats
6.Able to create unlimited on-line forms for quality inspection and other tasks based on organization
7.Assign tasks to assignees and a team acknowledgement
8. Set tasks to follow up AR Collection

BETABUTE is a cloud application, which can support to work anytime and anywhere.


Getting to know more about BETABUTE

BETABUTE provides different tasks management level unlimitedly with project management functions collaborately to support different management model of each businesses. BETABUTE covers both project time and Cost-Revenue Plan-Actual for work quality. BETABUTE functions are flexible to businesses many level.
Getting to know BETABUTE Functions via our video blogs.

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24/07/2021 16:06:34 admin

Create Project Service Plan in the Blink of an Eyes !!!

Master Plan Templates are able to create "Service Plans" by loading "Cost Plan" data to BETABUTE system within the blink of an eye. Eliminate tedious workload problems.

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17/07/2021 12:19:46 admin

BETABUTE Highlight Functions For Facility Management And Service Businesses.

BETABUTE Project Management has outstanding functions. that meets business needs from the first step to the end of the service. Facility management service solution provides the building services from small-sized to enterprise-sized projects such as the system installation work, machine & equipment installation, maintenance work, etc.

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